Teddy’s New Bed

Teddy really, really loves his new bed 💕

ted bed3 ted bed5

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Teddy Goes Bed Shopping

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Wordless Wednesday

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Daily Prompt: Eyes

I usually don’t post photos of myself unless the dogs are involved but yup, this is me:

Daily Prompt: Eyes


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Daily Prompt: Moon

Took this shot on Tuesday after the storms:

Daily Prompt: Moon

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Wordless Wednesday

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Teddy and Thunderstorms

I never had a dog who was afraid of storms until Teddy. I wouldn’t even say afraid, he’s absolutely terrified. It’s been a very hot summer here and we had storms again yesterday. Sometimes he lets me know bad weather is coming, otherwise after the first thunder or lightning he gets his Calming Collar plus Benadryl and Rescue Remedy hidden in a spoonful of peanut butter. The combination settles him down a bit. If Emily is here he hides in her closet in the basement. If not, I put the Red Ted Bed under my desk and he eventually falls asleep.

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Daily Prompt: Confused

I moved the dogs’ water dish across the room, maybe 12 feet away. This caused so much confusion, for quite a while Doodle was the only one ‘brave’ enough to even go near it: same dish, same rug, same toy bin. And of course they would go back to the old location looking for water…

Daily Prompt: Confused


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Daily Prompt: Obsessed

To say that Cricket enjoys playing ball is an understatement. Given the opportunity she would play until she dropped; she is definitely obsessed with what we often have to call ‘spherical objects’:

Weather doesn’t stop her:

Or being injured:

And if no one is available to throw that’s ok too:

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Daily Prompt: Portraits

Posting some older shots in response to today’s Daily Prompt: Portraits

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