New Tank Progress

At this point I suppose it isn’t really a new tank but since I have two Spec Vs I call it that to differentiate between them.

This is the tank I started in October. I’m not using the most plant-friendly substrate so growth is a bit slow but there has been progress. For a while I was having issues with the snails uprooting the crypt parva but that hasn’t happened recently; now for whatever reason I’m having trouble keeping the pennywort in the sand.

The schedule I’ve been following is a weekly water change, twice weekly doses of Flourish and Flourish Excel, and a weekly dose of Leaf Zone. I’ve been changing out the Poly Filter every other water change. Water quality hasn’t been a problem, it’s more of a preventative measure since I overstock. I also add a new Indian almond leaf maybe once a month.

Nov 03

Nov 10

Nov 13

Nov 20

Dec 02

Thoughts on this tank? I’m happy with the hardscape and finally starting to relax about the plant growth. Looking back at these pics I’m sure at this point that I want to add a background, I really don’t like seeing the cords hanging in the back. It’s a good livestock combination, if I did anything with that it would be to increase the number of both Amano shrimp and white clouds but not until spring when the weather is better for shipping.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Review: Kai Krates December

The December Kai Krates box arrived earlier this week:

A Dawgeee Natural Leather Tug Bone
B Sergeant Grey Dog Replaceable Squeaker Plush Toy
C Hueter Toledo 5 Inch Squeakerless Squeaking Football
D 5.5 Oz Buddy Bones Dog Treats
E Barkworthies Natural Beef Backstrap Chew
F Barky Bark Medium Dog Treat Chew

It’s a nice mix of toys and treats. I signed up for a three month subscription, since then prices have gone up so I’m not sure what I’ll do after the third box. There are a a couple services geared towards heavy-duty chewers that I might like to try. If you know of any dog gift boxes that offer a one-month trial please let me know!

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Photo Recreations 4

Just a few more…

Photo Recreations part 1, part 2, and part 3

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November Dog Pics

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Wordless Wednesday

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Review: Grriggles Scented Gingerbread Man

I decided to give Doodle the gingerbread man that was part of the Rescue Box that arrived last week. She gets so excited about new toys, this time was no exception. At first she just ran around with it in her mouth then went from room to room trying to get someone to throw it for her. After getting tired from toy fetch she ‘played’ with it by herself…squeaker was gone first and not long after gingerbread man was destroyed.

It lasted approximately 45 minutes which was longer than I expected. Until I got the box I’d never heard of scented dog toys…it was ok at first but after a few minutes smelled like a combination of not-quite-cinnamon and bad dog breath. I checked a bunch of web sites and it looks like this averages around $10. I definitely wouldn’t pay that much for it, especially considering the fact that Doodle isn’t a heavy-duty chewer.


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Review: Raw Paws Smoked Oxtails

My second Raw Paws review is for their smoked oxtails. They offer a large variety of treats and chews. I wanted to go with something the dogs had never had before. These are rated 4 on a hardness scale of 1 to 5.

They are packed in a resealable bag and are approximately 6″ long, thicknesses vary a bit:

All three of the dogs loved these. Lots of crunch, low odor. Teddy is the power chewer and can finish one in 5-10 minutes, the other dogs a bit longer.

These are non-frozen items so flat rate shipping is $5.99 for orders under $49 and free for $49+. They have some other chews I’d be interested in trying so I think I’d come up with a large enough order to get the free shipping.

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Review: Raw Paws Complete Ground Duck

Back in September I posted about Raw Paws Pet Food contacting me to possibly do product reviews. Unfortunately not long after receiving the package Nandy got sick followed by Teddy’s surgery and long recovery. Fast forward and now things are about as normal around here as they ever will be so time to review!

Without much planning I got the duck out of the freezer on Friday. It’s a 5 lb chub of complete ground duck, which feeds the preferred raw ratio of 80% meat/muscle, 10% organ, and 10% bone:

The chub is tightly wrapped and sealed but the next morning I did notice some leaking from both ends. Not really a problem, just something to remember for future usage. It’s long so I had to use two plastic bags to completely cover it:

It was still firm after 48 hours in the refrigerator which made unwrapping it quite easy. I was nicely surprised by how little stuck in the ends of the wrapper:

Very easy to slice:

Teddy is on two meds so I just cut a small hole, dropped the pills in, and resealed:

Cricket is the fussiest eater of the three dogs but even she dug in after just a few seconds of sniffing:

Average daily meals for the three are between 3 and 4.5 lbs, so per pound cost of this for me is a bit high. The dogs loved it though and it’s nice to have a prepared meal without having to think about balance. It’s definitely something I would buy to keep on hand for a special treat or for when I’m out of town. I can also see this being convenient for traveling with dogs.

Thank you to Raw Paws for this opportunity, and a special thank you to Amy for her patience waiting for this to post. Of course the dogs are always appreciative:



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Daily Prompt: Sated

I decided to give the dogs a more traditional Thanksgiving meal: turkey wings, pumpkin, green beans, and apples.

I underestimated the size of the wings so they ended up with larger than usual meals, put all three of them into a food coma for the rest of the afternoon  :)

Daily Prompt: Sated

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