JW Pet MegaLast Ball

JW Pet MegaLast Ball

Lately I have been on a quest to find toys that will actually last with my dogs. We’ve had luck with Kong Extreme, mainly because they are stuffed, frozen, and then taken away when the dogs are done. Tennis balls were safe until Doodle joined the family.

I Googled things like longest lasting dog toys and best toys for strong chewing dogs; I also read lots of reviews on Amazon. Today we are trying a JW Pet MegaLast Ball, size medium. Because of the design this ball bounces and rolls in different directions. It feels durable but after Doodle spent some time alone with the ball I noticed very small pieces are already gone.

Bottom line for us is that this is a good toy for fetch and chase, a good toy for group play, but definitely not a long-lasting chew toy.

What works for you and your dog(s)? Any suggestions for durable toys are very much welcomed!

Feb-06-2013-ball-(9) Feb-06-2013-ball-(8) Feb-06-2013-ball-(5)


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