There are so many awesome sites that do custom collars. I almost feel overwhelmed when browsing: fabric choices, fonts, thread colors, hardware. The big issue that prevents me from buying unfortunately is cost, otherwise I’d probably have a huge collection between the four dogs! A few months after she joined our family I did get Nandy a collar fromĀ Collar Mania. She has a red print leash and they were extremely helpful in suggesting thread colors to match it.


Nandy, Cricket, and Doodle all have LupineĀ collars (you can see Cricket modeling Wild West and Doodle in Puppy Love on their website). They are very nice, reasonably priced collars that come with anĀ Even If ChewedĀ guarantee!

bug lupine

When Mr B moved in we didn’t have a collar that would fit his 22″ neck. I was really excited when we walked into Petco and found thisĀ bee collar for him:

bee collar

I also wanted to get him a simpleĀ I Am Deaf collar. There have been a number of incidents where deaf dogs are out in public, a person unknowingly pats or touches the dog, the dog startles and someone ends up hurt. I figured the price of a collar was worth avoiding something like that happening. I found a site that offered embroidered collars for less than $10 but it turned out to be a case of you get what you pay for. There was no spacing between the words, and once the collar was adjusted for his neck the words couldn’t even be seen! I foundĀ Angie’s EmbroideryĀ on Amazon, saw that she had all five-star reviews, so I decided to give her a try. Basic choices of colors, reasonably priced, excellent quality, great communication, and I received the collar four days after ordering!


I also have a collection ofĀ bandanas, mainly for Mr B to wear, especially in colder weather. I prefer to buy the standard square bandanas rather than those that are sewn into triangles for dogs…a much larger variety to choose from and far less expensive!

B bed bandana

Do you have a collar collection for your dog(s)? If you order custom collars what’s your favorite site?



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