JW Pet SkidStop Slow Feed Bowl

Mr B is very enthusiastic about food. He is an arthritic senior who naps most of the day yet will come out of a deep sleep at the mere scent of a treat. Sometimes I’m actually grateful that he’s deaf and can’t hear me filling their bowls at meal times!

His food love is great for training but quickly became a problem for dinner: he would literally gulp his food until he started choking and gagging. Not good. At that time I was doing Christmas shopping on Amazon so I ordered a large JW Pet SkidStop Slow Feed Bowl. Turned out to be a very good choice.

The simple division of the bowl really does slow down his eating, especially when I put canned food in the bottom. Two small negatives: it’s a bit more difficult to hand wash than a regular bowl; it is dishwasher safe though. The rubber base is supposed to prevent the bowl from sliding or moving. I don’t know what type of floors they tested this on but Mr B’s dish starts out on a small rug and by the end of his meal it’s halfway across the kitchen.

Fast forward two months and Doodle joined our family. She was malnourished when she arrived at the shelter and severely underweight. As a result she acts as though every meal is her last. I ordered another bowl and the problem was solved.

I would definitely recommend this bowl for anyone who needs their dog to slow down a bit while eating; not recommended for the skid-stop base.

Feb-07-2013-food-(1) Feb-07-2013-food-(4)

If your dog is an enthusiastic eater how do you deal with it?


2 thoughts on “JW Pet SkidStop Slow Feed Bowl

  1. Melvin used to inhale his food, I would tell people how fast he ate but until you saw it, it was hard to believe. We tried one of the slow eating bowls but early on he learned to tip it over (what a waste of $$$$ for us!!!). He eats slower now but I know how challenging it can be to want them to SLOW DOWN! PS. Your dogs are ADORABLE!!!!!

    • Unfortunately some dog gear ends up being an expensive experiment; I spent a lot of money trying to find a collar or harness that worked for Nandy. I was very lucky with this bowl for my two speed eaters 😉

      Thanks for stopping by & the comment!

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