Friday Poll

(note: Friday Poll isn’t a regular blog feature, just something that will show up occasionally)

I discovered Etsy last month and have been spending a lot of time browsing (click here if you’d like to check out my favorites and Treasury lists).

Yesterday I found the Woo Woo Workshop which specializes in handmade metal pet ID tags. I immediately fell in love with the 5/8″ metal charms, not for one of the dogs but for myself…with the attached split ring I thought it would look awesome as a necklace!

Now for the problem: which stamp design to choose? I have no problem shopping for others but have a terrible time making decisions like this when it comes to buying something for myself. Solution: let my awesome blog followers and visitors decide!

So I will leave you with some photos (courtesy of Melissa at Woo Woo) and a poll…please vote and if you have any other ideas or suggestions about this feel free to leave them in comments. Have fun, be sure to check out the shop, and thanks so much for your help!

(I’m planning to order late this evening or early tomorrow; I’ll post the result with pics after it arrives!)

Finished charms-tiny swirl heart is stamped on the back

finished charms-tiny swirl heart is stamped on the back

design choices

design choices


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