Toy Storage

Toy Storage

I’ve been in the organizing mood lately-or more so than usual-especially in regard to dog stuff. Surprisingly with four dogs we don’t have a lot of toys, but we do have a distinct separation between everyday and high value toys. The latter are things saved for rainy days or for play with close supervision since Doodle seems to have the ability to destroy any toy that comes her way (someday I will buy a GoughNut…). Cricket’s tennis balls also go in this group since Bug kills those as well <sigh>.

Evidence, and this wasn't the first & only victim...

Evidence, and this wasn’t the first & only victim…

The everyday things are kept in a small circular laundry basket. We’ve had it for a few years-Nandy destroyed the first one-and there are only a few chew marks on the handle from Doodle.


Storage for the treasures took a bit of thought. I got this white storage bench for free, and for a long time it was used to save plastic grocery bags (we reuse them for a few different things including poop bags). The bags were moved to a fabric drawer and the bench is used exclusively for special occasion toys. I also bought a large pillow sham and use that to store the blanket that previously just sat on top…it functions as both somewhere to keep the blanket out of season and a cushion for the bench.

storage project

Do you have any creative or interesting ways to store dog toys?


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