Mr B’s Monday

Cold day here in Maryland, 20° when I woke up and it hasn’t gotten very much warmer since then. Being an intelligent elderly gentleman Mr B knows exactly how to spend the day:

Feb-18-2013-B-(1) Feb-18-2013-B-(2) Feb-18-2013-B-(3) Feb-18-2013-B-(4)


17 thoughts on “Mr B’s Monday

  1. Lol. I think Mr. B and my Alex have the right idea about what to do in a cold day here in Maryland. I took Alex for a walk this morning and I made her wear 2 sweaters. Of course, she was looking at me with a very displeased face, but she gets cold very easy so she needs to wear them. I usually walk for about 40 minutes or more, but it was so cold in the morning that we only stayed out for 20 mins. In the afternoon, though, it was beautiful. Sunny and not very cold. I love Maryland, but I know Alex would have preferred to stay home in bed like Mr. B. Yes, they are smarter than us:)

    • All four of them were none too thrilled to go out for potty at 7am lol I try not to complain about the weather, for over 30 years I lived in the north so Maryland winters shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Dogs are funny but definitely smart!

      • Lol. When I only have Alex with me, my dog, I make the walk short, 20 mins, if the temperature is low and I walk her in the afternoon for about 1 hr. or more to make up for the short morning walk. I can see her gratitute in those beautiful brown eyes.

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