Bandanas are a nice way to give your dog some flair or celebrate a holiday without spending a fortune. There’s a huge variety available, they machine wash & dry nicely, and don’t take up much space for storage. I prefer standard squares or triangles over those that slip on over the dog’s collar.

I recently added Happy Birthday, St Patrick’s Day, Easter/spring, and two paw print triangle bandanas to our collection. They are all excellent quality, reasonably priced and purchased from these two sites:

Buster Brown Dog Bandanas

Purrz and Woofz Specialtiez

I’ve also ordered from in the past; they have a great selection of squares and frequently offer a monthly special.


Nandy paws Cricket paws

birthday bandana


2 thoughts on “Bandanas

  1. All your pups look especially regal in their bandanas! It’s amazing, too, how a person will respond to a dog wearing one. People seem less intimidated by a dog with a bandana. Silly, I know, but a dog with a kerchief around his neck is harder to ignore. Time to go bandana shopping! 🙂

    • Yes, suddenly a ‘vicious’ dog is harmless because of some neck gear lol I just think it’s a fun, inexpensive way to dress up the dogs; also a little bonus neck protections from the cold for old Mr B 😉

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