BarkBox – February

Last month I signed up for a six month Big & Bold (large dog) subscription to BarkBox. Yesterday we received our first box and we weren’t disappointed!

The dogs have tried-and like-both toys; the bag of cheddar treats is gone. I’m very happy with our first box and definitely looking forward to see what we get next month!

Feb bark box

bark box Mr B

Mr B chose the agave & pear treats

Cricket bark box treat

Cricket gets a cheddar treat

bark box fetch and floss

Fetch & Floss winner

bark box fetch and floss 2

Fetch & Floss battle

bark box penguin

Penguin patience

bark box penguin

Doodle really loves the penguin!


5 thoughts on “BarkBox – February

  1. I’ve been a subscriber to Bark Box for 7 months now–the dogs have never been disappointed (although some of the toys don’t quite live longer than 2 hours). It’s a great way to try out new things and see if your dog likes them. For instance, one month we received moose antler and that was a huge hit. Now I’ve got to keep them around to satisfy the cravings. Nothing like pretending to be Santa each month to the pooches (although now anytime my woofers see a smallish box they get super excited). Love the pictures! Looks like your kids had an awesome time checking out their new toys and treats!

    • Well if February is any indication of box quality I’m definitely happy! I can imagine the antler was a hit, I wouldn’t mind if BarbBox decided to repeat that offering 😉

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