Cricket plays hard and as a result she’s injured her feet a number of times. The first was a tear to one of her toe pads which I was able to treat at home:

silly patient

Next was a similar injury but unfortunately more severe which earned her a trip to the emergency vet, anesthesia and stitches, pain meds, and the cone of shame:

pain meds

Her most recent incident looks like she got the nail caught on something and it ripped away from the meat. I only noticed it because later in the evening she was holding the paw up while standing. She definitely does not want it touched and limps when walking on softer surface like carpet. I was told to keep it clean and let nature take its course. This one has bled a couple of times so I wrapped it in gauze and had her wear a PAWZ dog boot; as you can tell by the picture she thinks this is torture:

balloon foot

First injury of the year and it’s not even spring, guess it’s time to restock the dog first aid supplies!


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