Metal Charms

Last month I posted a poll asking readers to help choose one of three designs for a metal charm from Woo Woo Workshop. The winner was paw print and last week I received my order.

Inside the reusable jewelry pouch I found not only my paw print charm but a bonus copper bow wow charm Melissa sent as a thank you! They are so cute, and while they were originally meant to be used as an add on with dog tags they make a great necklace, or even part of a charm bracelet.

Charms in your choice of finish with sayings (30 available!) can be found here; those with a stamped design are here.

jewelry pouch

cute reusable jewelry pouch


awesome charms!

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4 thoughts on “Metal Charms

  1. This is adorable, love the copper one also!

    • Me too, copper doesn’t seem as commonly available as gold or silver. The accent wiring on all three is copper though.

  2. We’re so glad you love them! give all your beautiful babies a hug from us ♥

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