Comfy B

For some reason Doodle likes to sit on Mr B. I used to wonder if it was a dominance thing but I think it’s simply the fact that she finds him comfortable! Mr B is incredibly patient and just waits for her to eventually move on…..

sitter january sitter february

sitter march


12 thoughts on “Comfy B

  1. Mr. B looks like a very comfy little bench to rest upon! Doodle is so very lucky to have such a nice, organic seat! I love the look on Mr. B’s face and then in the last picture, it appears he has accepted his fate. Too adorable!

    • That’s interesting! Of the four dogs Doodle is the only sitter ๐Ÿ™‚

      One of my Facebook dog friends owned the first and only sitter I had ever seen before; she even put together this video which still makes me laugh every time I watch it: The Berry Sitter

    • Dogs are so funny…Mr B is almost three times Doodle’s size but he puts up with so much from her! She’s the only one of the girls who actively tries to play with him and snuggle with him at nap time though โ™ฅ

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