BarkBox – March

Our March BarkBox arrived yesterday with the following goodies:

The two toys are cute but I’m sure the dogs would destroy them quickly. There seems to be a plushie or similar every month so I’m thinking about saving these two until I have enough for each of the dogs.

Little Eatz are The Treat You BOTH Can Eat! My dogs will eat anything, but five of the humans in the house tried these and yes, they are a tasty, crunchy peanut butter cookie!

The poop bag holder is cute, shaped like a bone with a clip so that it can be attached to a belt, collar, bag strap, etc. I have no idea how many bags it contains; in the five years we’ve owned dogs we’ve never actually bought poop bags!

I’m not sure if I’ll be using the $10 coupon. It’s a bit of a disappointment that it has an expiration date of March 31, only ten days from now.

March bark boxMar-21-2013-bark-box-(5)


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