Clever Cricket

This is the video behind yesterday’s post.

Cricket started playing this game last week. At first I thought it was a one time thing but she’s been doing it almost every day. She goes under the couch-sometimes with a bone, sometimes without-and teases Doodle. She’ll stick her nose or paw out at one end and wait….when Doodle finds her she plays for a minute then retreats to another part of the couch to start again. This has gone on and on, neither of them gets tired of the game quickly.

A special thanks to Ikea for a couch that’s not only comfortable but keeps my dogs entertained as well 😉


4 thoughts on “Clever Cricket

  1. About to go to bed and I decided to take a look at your blog. i came across this video and it made me laugh…i ended up watching it a 2nd time with my husband. I like going to bed on a good note, and this was just perfect 🙂

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