Taming the Mud

Our back yard is a combination of weeds, dirt, and grass. Even the lightest rain results in 16 muddy paws. Last month after a bunch of research we came up with a dog safe and relatively low price solution: straw. We live only 10 minutes away from a Southern States where we picked up three bales for only $5 each. Because of the dogs running around it does occasionally need to be re-spread to cover the muddier areas but that’s far easier than cleaning dirty paws!

As a bonus the dogs think the straw is absolutely awesome!

Feb-09-2013-yard-(2) Feb-09-2013-yard-(11) Feb-09-2013-yard-(18) Mar-15-2013-straw-2


4 thoughts on “Taming the Mud

  1. Great idea–thanks for sharing! I will have to try this in some of my muddier patches. I, too, hate cleaning the mud from the dog toes. I have some pea gravel on some areas, but the straw will be less irritating to their feet. Plus, as the straw degrades, I’m sure it will make for some nice compost!

  2. Great idea! I only wish it would work for the 52 paws we have dragging mud in. Problem is, none of ours have a lick of sense. They would eat the straw.

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