Crowded Bed

Nandy sleeps with my youngest daughter Natalie, Cricket is in Emily’s room, Mr B is on his comfy orthopedic dog bed. Doodle is the only dog who actually sleeps in bed with us. It’s a completely different story during the day though.

I’ve been dealing with insomnia for a few months now. After multiple nights with very little sleep a nap becomes a need rather than a want. The word nap is a command that they dogs obey without hesitation, they immediately race to the bedroom.

When I finally get to the room this is what I see:

mom's bed

No more pictures mom, it’s time to nap!


Their positions in the photo are routine: Nandy by my feet, Mr B on the opposite side of the bed, Cricket on or near the pillow next to me, and Doodle as close to me as possible. She won’t lay down until I’m actually in the bed.

There are many people who won’t allow their dogs to sleep in bed with them. I believe it’s a personal decision, not an across the board dog training rule that applies to everyone. I personally love snuggly dogs and wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you’re a dog owner do you allow your dogs to sleep in bed with you or not?


8 thoughts on “Crowded Bed

  1. We crated my dog for about a year, and then one day we just decided to let him in the bed…he’s been there ever since! How can you say no to a face like these?! =)

  2. Yep, dogs on the bed. I love the cuddles too:) I’ve only gotten up to 3 though with my 2 and a foster, 4 looks awfully nice though…

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