New Collars

Today I’m sharing some of the new collars we’ve acquired over the past few months. Getting the collars is easy, getting the dogs to model is more difficult….

The collar Nandy is wearing is custom made from Collar Mania. I ordered it the same day that Lisa posted new pit bull fabrics on their Facebook page. A bonus for this collar is that it’s adjustable enough to fit all three girls! (please excuse the photo bombing idiots puppies in the background 😉 )

Nandy collar


Doodlebug is wearing a 3/4″ collar from DogDayDesigns, which sells ribbon on webbing collars. Shop owner Terri focuses on European ribbons because of their quality and uniqueness; they aren’t collars you’ll see at every other online store. I felt both the colors of the design and the silly bugs very much suited Doodle!

Bug collar


And finally Mr B is wearing a green and white swirl design from caninedesign. Again this is a ribbon on webbing collar, but many of her styles have an option of different webbing color choices. Even though this was listed as a St Patrick’s Day collar it’s suitable year round.



And again Mr B shows his how he feel about modeling:



Happy Friday!


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