BarkBox – April

Our April BarkBox arrived yesterday, the theme is keeping dogs entertained in the house during bad weather. This month’s box includes:

This was an interesting mix of goodies! I haven’t tried the GroomMitts yet but apparently they are supposed to replace a bath. As much as the dogs love rope toys I try to avoid them because of the mess. I gave this one to the puppies this morning for a few minutes and of course they liked it, hopefully it lasts longer than others we’ve had!

We’re in the middle of a bathroom remodel so Mr B has been spending a lot of time with me while that work has been going on (the other three are too social and would probably drive the contractor crazy so they stay in my bedroom). Because of that Mr B ended up with the duck chew (gone in minutes) and the shin bone. He’s had the bone for 30 minutes or so and has only gotten out a bit of the stuffing so I think this one is a winner!

This is our third BarkBox and I’m definitely glad we gave it a try!

April BarkBoxB duck puppies rope puppies rope B bone


9 thoughts on “BarkBox – April

  1. We just signed up for BarkBox for our two pups, and our first box will arrive in May. I’m thrilled to see this post for a first-hand “review” of the box content treats and toys. I hope the rope-toy experience is a good one!

    • That’s great, glad you found us! Like I said, this is only our third month but value-wise what we receive is definitely less that what we’d pay for the items, plus it’s fun to try things we’d normally not buy.

      If you’re interested you can read about March and April here 🙂

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