Teddy & Friends


Their first time in the yard together after introductions!


Disemboweled soccer ball v Jolly Pets Teaser Ball


My two boys!


They both look guilty and I have no idea why!


Apparently Nandy is the leader at this particular time….

Now the quest to get a posed shot of the five of them together….

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10 thoughts on “Teddy & Friends

  1. This looks like a blast! Reminds me of growing up with my 7 brothers and sisters….

    It might be a job for Photoshop. :0) Good luck!

    • They are definitely keeping me busy….the three youngest are very similar in both size and age, it’s like having three toddlers running around!

      I will definitely keep trying before I resort to Photoshop 😉

  2. Shybiker

    Your doggies look so happy. We can learn from the bliss of dogs’ lives.

  3. mytwopitties

    They actually have pretty similar faces and ears…that’s going to make for a lot of cute photos!

  4. I love the picture of the boys together 🙂 Teddy looks like he is fitting right in!

    • Thanks! Teddy loves snuggling with people and dogs….so far Mr B is his favorite dog friend, probably because they share a deep love of sleep 😉

  5. Beautiful Babies! If you get a chance, check mine out – although the pics I have posted so far are pre – adoption during his hard times. As my blog progresses more current pictures will be used…..:)

    • Thank you! I’ve been reading your blog and am looking forward to more posts and photos! I think it’s nice to have pre-adoption pictures to look back on.

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