Mellow Fellow

The shelter called Teddy ‘mild mannered’. In the two months that he’s been here we haven’t found anything that bothers him:

  • car rides
  • motorcycles
  • delivery trucks
  • other dogs
  • cats
  • thunderstorms/rain
  • the vacuum
  • going to the vet
  • having his teeth brushed
  • bath/shower
  • sirens
  • fireworks
  • nail trimming

With that kind of temperament Teddy often gets to go on outings. Last week it was an adventure to Petco where he saw kittens, ferrets, guinea pigs, and birds, but apparently the highlight of the day for Teddy was the opportunity to ride in the cart.


12 thoughts on “Mellow Fellow

  1. Teddy is totally just taking it all in!!!! LOVE that you take him out like that to show people just how sweet pitties can truly be!!!! You are such a blessing…

  2. So cute, I love a mellow dog! I once saw a huge american bulldog in a cart at Target, it was so funny…looked a lot like Teddy there:) I love taking Norman on outings too, he is so relaxed and easy wherever we go. Kaya on the other hand is more of a 2-gear dog – zero or max, so she doesn’t go on many errands.

    • The girls are two gear as well but both boys I would take anywhere, the difference being that Mr B weighs twice what Teddy does and can’t get in & out of the car without help…

      Must have been great to see a huge dog in a cart 😀

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