Doodle’s Gift

Doodle loves squeaky toys so for her first birthday last month we got her a 24″ loofa dog toy. At first she seemed a bit intimidated by the size but decided to give it a try once she saw the other dogs playing with it. At this point there’s just a flat scrap of material left that she continues to play with….

Jul-16-2013-toy-(5) Jul-16-2013-toy-(15) Jul-16-2013-toy-(34) Jul-16-2013-toy-(41) Jul-16-2013-toy-(64) Jul-16-2013-toy-(68)

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12 thoughts on “Doodle’s Gift

  1. I love the last picture–she’s so proud to have defeated the loofa dog toy monster! Happy belated birthday, Doodle!

  2. oh, that last picture… precious!

  3. Look how happy she is!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

    • Thanks! I think she really enjoyed her day and was disappointed not to have all that excitement start again the following morning 😉

  4. So. Stinkin. Cute! I love how happy and proud of herself she is.

  5. Aww… look at the smiles on these doggies’ faces!

  6. mytwopitties

    Nothing like a new toy to make a dog smile:D

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