Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

I’m late in posting this but last month I was very excited to learn that we won a bag of Orijen Tundra dog treats from our friends at Mayzie’s Dog Blog!

Tundra ingredients: boneless venison, elk liver, boneless elk, venison liver, boneless quail, steelhead trout; no junk whatsoever.The two ounce bag contains 55 treats but they’re big enough that they could be cut or broken into smaller pieces for training.

The treats arrived just a few days after the announcement and I had to hide them from curious noses until I had one of the kids available to help with pictures. I actually got the bag out while the four younger dogs were outside since they tend to get a bit crazy nuts out of control excited about treats, especially something new. Mr B posed nicely for pics and then I brought the others in.  

No surprise: the dogs absolutely loved them! With five dogs I probably wouldn’t buy them to use as a daily treat, simply because of cost. With how the dogs reacted just to the smell they would definitely be worth the money to purchase as high-value training treats.

Jul-30-2013-treats-(4) Jul-30-2013-treats-(10) Jul-30-2013-treats-(11) Jul-30-2013-treats-(13) Jul-30-2013-treats-(15)

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5 thoughts on “Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

  1. The dog in the 4th picture has crazy eyes. They must smell and taste scrumptious!!!

  2. Fabulous pictures!!!! Your doggies are so good about waiting their turn….And their smiles…very sweet!!!! Happy day!!!!

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