Early Riser

Teddy sleeps with my youngest daughter. All summer they woke up at noon or later. Today was the first day of school and he didn’t react well to the 6am alarm. This is how I found him on the couch soon after the kids left:


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14 thoughts on “Early Riser

  1. Hahahahahahah! That is hysterical!

  2. My thoughts exactly Teddy. I’m a teacher and we just started back as well :0)

  3. When my daughter went back to school a couple weeks ago (we’re year round here), he would disappear and I would find him in her blankets. Dogs are just so loyal, but especially Pits!

    • Very true!

      Day 2 here and they’re all napping…I think it’ll take a week or two before they get used to the routine again.

  4. Too funny!! This is how our pooches are EVERY. DAY.

  5. Oh good Lord he is not a morning guy? That is an awesome pic. Is there any breed of dog that has more personality that a Pit Bull? I don’t think so! Wonderful post.

  6. Haha!! Too funny!

  7. mytwopitties

    Aww…a dog after my own heart:)

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