I’m Not A Monster

I’m Not A Monster ‘aims to dispel the myths surrounding “mean” dog breeds, particularly pit bulls.’ Pet parents share their stories and photos, and Sunday night I was very excited to receive an email that Mr B’s story had been posted!


Mr B checks out his Monster story

Their Facebook page also offers to make ‘monster love’ cover photos:



9 thoughts on “I’m Not A Monster

  1. Tearing up. Mr. B and those cute pajamas…love it!
    My dog is a Chi but his best friend is a Pit. We’re meeting at our old dog park later this week. There are a bunch of little dogs there now and I’m worried about my friend and his dog walking in. Well, if they have issues with his Pit, that’s their issue. I’m looking forward to our dogs getting together.
    Hooray for Pitties!

    • Thanks, Mr B is such a truly nice dog and I’m so glad we found him!

      It’s sad that you have to feel that way about your friend’s dog but I completely understand. Every time I take one of the dogs out I worry about how people will react towards them. Hoping some day that all changes….

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