Teddy’s Birthday

The bandana was ok but Teddy wasn’t too sure about the hat business….he definitely enjoyed his birthday dinner though!

Sep-19-2013-(9) Sep-19-2013-(12) Sep-19-2013-(15) Sep-19-2013-(17)

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20 thoughts on “Teddy’s Birthday

  1. I am SUCH a sucker for a white-faced pitty! Soooo handsome. Happy birthday, Teddy!

    • There’s something about this blue-green eyes and perpetual serious face that makes he always want to hug him!

      (ps-I’m kind of a sucker for these white & brindle babies as well 😉 )

  2. Sweet boy, looks like he had a great birthday :0)

  3. Happy Birthday, Teddy! He is quite the handsome boy, even when having to wear birthday hats! Smoosh his cute face for me–glad he had an awesome day!

  4. The 3rd photo made me squeal !!!! Adorable! Happy Birthday buddy!!!

  5. Michelle

    I could look at the 1st picture all day. He just looks so gentle and angelic. I just love the little spotted ears and the black nose and mouth. He has such gorgeous eyes. Just a really wonderful pic. I wish I could capture mine in a photo like that.

    • He definitely has some interesting coloring & markings!

      All the hat shots were purely by luck….I had to wrestle between keeping him from trying to take off the hat and taking pictures 🙂

  6. He is so adorable…Thoroughly enjoying the attention…..

  7. mytwopitties

    Great pictures even if he doesn’t like the hat! He looks very happy with his meal:D

  8. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

  9. Happy Birthday Friend!!!! LOVE all your pics!!!! Woofs and wags always!!!!

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