Note From Doodle

Hello blog friends!

Mom asked me to post about her blog absence. A few weeks ago mom said she was getting a cold which got worse instead of better. She went to a doctor and for x-rays and found out she has pneumonia. So mom has been taking medicines from the doctor and trying to get lots of rest. That’s where me and the other dogs are most helpful! Here is a picture of me doing just that:

Doodle couch

She’s feeling better but still not 100% healthy mom. She says she hopes to be back on the blog regularly very soon!

Doodley Noodley


12 thoughts on “Note From Doodle

  1. Thanks for all the comments and good wishes! It was essentially a month before I started to feel even close to normal again. Just thankful that the dogs all love to nap so much 🙂

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