Wordless Wednesday



15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Aack!! Can’t stand the cuteness! But where is Cricket? I love that Doodle sits on top of the sofa cushions, just like my woofers. My dog Rufus is begging me to have comfy pj’s like your crew–wherever did you find them?

    • Cricket & Doodle started having some issues almost two months ago, to the point where we now crate & rotate since getting rid of either wasn’t an option. She also doesn’t have a pair of pjs yet but I plan to get her into some Xmas holiday pics with the other dogs.

      Doodle’s favorite place is on top of that sofa. It’s actually a corner unit, the part not pictured is under a window where she sits and ‘guards’ the back yard.

      Other than Nandy’s the other pjs are from NakedDogPJs (also on Facebook). Nandy’s were bought on Amazon, higher price and nowhere near the quality of NakedDogs’!

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