Mr B On Raw

At this point Mr B has been on a raw diet for almost a month. He gets approximately 1.2 lbs of food per day. He has had chicken: backs, ribs, breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, livers, hearts, feet, whole eggs. The only part I have saved for one of the smaller dogs is necks. In addition to all that chicken he has had turkey necks, mackerel, and green beef tripe.

He literally dances waiting for his food bowl every afternoon….you will never understand a dog truly enjoying a meal until you see him/her with a dish of raw. What’s most difficult right now is the fact that I don’t have the freezer space to stock up on sales: I recently found $1.49 containers of chicken livers marked down to $.60 and had to limit how many I bought. Even so feeding Mr B raw is still less expensive than kibble.

His gas is gone, his mobility has improved even though I cut his supplements. A few of his ‘senior dog’ bumps have disappeared and he just looks really, really good.

Mr B will be joining Dan, Emily, and myself for a trip out of town this weekend. After that I will be switching the other dogs over to raw.

Jan-13-2014-(4) Jan-13-2014-b-dinner-(2)


4 thoughts on “Mr B On Raw

  1. Wow, looks great! We’ve put 2 of our dogs on a raw diet, and noticed some amazing changes. I won’t list them all here, but you can read my post on the same topic:

    We purchase pre-packaged raw at $2 per pound, which is still cheaper than premium kibble. We have tried to put together bowls like what you have above, but had trouble keeping the cost down around $2 per pound. So, running around from store to store to put together an amazing bowl like what you have above, with 2 kids we should be focusing on, we do the pre-packaged.

    I watched a Youtube documentary about feeding raw, and this guy had a 9 year old pit bull who was bouncing around like a puppy waiting for his raw food. It was amazing to see how beautiful this dog looked, and how active he was as a “senior” dog.

    Good for you, keep on eating raw! 🙂

    • Right now everything I’ve been buying has been under $1.50/lb. The issue has been space since I don’t have a separate freezer. Finally going to get one though so I can take advantage of sales and stock up. Planning to start dog #3 on raw this week 🙂

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