Raw Supplies

All five dogs are now on raw and doing so well, I’m convinced and the dogs love it.

So a few investments I made for raw feeding:

-A few boxes of zip-lock bags, gallon and sandwich size. In my experience I found that the store-brand bags are easier to seal and last longer than brand-name bags. I can fit a daily portion of meat for all five dogs in one bag. I use the sandwich size for organs, chicken feet, and other smaller bits.

-Cleaver. I bought this cleaver on Amazon Prime for less than $12. It’s not the best for cutting thru skin but has no trouble getting thru meat and bones, raw or frozen.

-Cutting board. Because of the cleaver’s cutting strength I dedicated one cutting board for meat. It gets thoroughly cleaned after each use but I still feel better knowing it’s only used for one purpose.

-Small digital scale. Yet another Amazon Prime purchase. Many raw feeders don’t use scales, or start out using one and then get good enough to eyeball meat weights. I’m still not at that point. This is a nice little scale that uses 2 AAA batteries which are included and still haven’t died. My only complaint is that the base is a bit small so with some of the dog dishes it’s a strain to see the weight. For under $10 with shipping though it’s definitely worth the money.


With seven people in the house the freezer side of our side by side refrigerator is usually full and that problem was made much worse when I started buying meat for the dogs. Our 1970s house came with a 70s refrigerator and stand-up freezer in the basement….due to their age our electric company removed them and gave us $50 for each. I found this freezer on sale at Lowe’s for $386. Because it’s Energy Star the electric company gave us $75 back bringing the total cost down to just under $215 including delivery and installation. The challenge now it to find meat to fill it with my goal of $1/lb or less.


A few other things I’ve found useful:

  • Anti-bacterial all purpose cleaner
  • Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap
  • Serving fork (for holding meat in place while cutting)
  • Permanent marker (for labeling bags)

This is turning out to be an interesting learning adventure!


5 thoughts on “Raw Supplies

    • We are following prey model raw (80% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ) as opposed to BARF which does use veggies. The only other foods I supplement with are yogurt and canned pumpkin. My goal has been keeping food costs at $1/lb or less. That wasn’t easy in the beginning since I didn’t have freezer space to stock up on sales. Even a bit over $1/lb is still comparable to the kibble they were eating previously.

      • Interesting. I’m going to look into this a little more. One of our dogs is becomming a “picky eater.” She gives me a dirty look when I give her just kibble. We have started mixing some cooked chicken in with the kibble. (Hearts, liver, and backs. No bones.) She really likes that. I’m wondering if raw would be an even better way to go. As a vegetarian, it’s difficult. Canned dogfood really grosses me out. The dogfood my husband makes with the chicken parts really grosses me out. I would rather just give them kibble, but I want them to have the nutrition they need.

  1. Great tips! I meet someone on a hike this weekend with a 10 year old pittie who was running along like a youngster. I asked them their secret and they said they feed her at least half raw. I feel inspired to start it up with Kaya and Norman once our kitchen remodel is done:D

  2. Glad to help! Mr B is also 10 and has arthritis. When he was on kibble I gave him glucosamine, vitamin E, and fish oil. Stopped those when he started raw and he’s getting around better than ever! I’m thoroughly convinced it makes a difference.

    Good luck with the kitchen remodel, we went thru that a couple of years ago!

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