Raw Beef Products

This is a beef gullet, basically cartilage with some surrounding muscle meat. A great source of natural glucosamine and chondroitin. I tried cutting this thing with a variety of kitchen knives and shears. No luck. I finally just gave it to Doodle as part of her meal and finally found something she actually had to work at and didn’t finish in a minute or two. I’ll definitely be ordering more of these!


10 lbs of boneless beef chunks:

chunked beef

This is a 3 lb beef tongue. I wasn’t sure how to tackle this one! Once semi-defrosted it sliced easily, like a boneless ham.


This is 5 lbs of frozen green beef tripe strips, the stomach of ruminating animals. This is not the bleached tripe seen in grocery stores. Green tripe stinks. It’s not like manure or dog poop, not like vomit or garbage. It’s like a dozen of the worst smells you can imagine, mixed together to rot, and then multiplied by 10. Just plain nasty, but the dogs absolutely love it and it has lots of health benefits for them.

green tripe


6 thoughts on “Raw Beef Products

  1. It looks like you are switching back and forth a lot between proteins. (Chicken, beef, and rabbit) I thought we weren’t supposed to change the dog’s food, unless we do it gradually, or they get sick.

    One time I picked up my dogs from boarding, and one of the dogs was very sick. She was lethargic and kept throwing up, drinking a lot of water and then throwing up again. $200 in doggie-emergency-room bills later, the vet showed me an x-ray. My dog had severe gas. The vet told me to give her a bland diet for a week and then to gradually move back to her regular food.

    When we got home my husband told me he forgot to bring food when he dropped the dogs off for boarding for the weekend and told them to feed the dogs “whatever.” I wish he had told me that $200 ago.

    • Mine started on raw in January and we fed chicken exclusively for three weeks, a bit longer than recommended. Then fish for two and now they started beef. The only thing I fed earlier than most sources recommend is organ meat, and I only did that because they had had raw liver and hearts as treats while still on kibble. The rabbits and turkeys are in the freezer to be used eventually 🙂

      Wow, $200 to find out the poor dog had gas….kind of makes me wonder what they fed her!

    • Some dogs are really sensitive to change. I have found that once introduced to the proteins slowly in the future *most* dogs that are raw fed can handle rapid changes. My chihuahua eats a different protein at each meal. She rotates between Chicken, Beef, Pork, Turkey, Venison, Whole Prey Mice, Bison and Lamb. Zoey has no problems with this rotation. When my golden retriever was on kibble she had to be changed over slowly to a new bag of the same product, and even slower to a new brand of kibble or she would get bloody diarrhea. When she was raw fed (she is at the bridge now) she was able to eat a different protein with each meal without problems. Each dog is different in what works for them.

      • I have five dogs so I definitely go slow with introducing new proteins. They recently started rabbit and then we’ll be moving on to turkey.

        Thanks for visiting and the comment!

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