Raw Meals

At this point the dogs have successfully tried the following proteins: chicken, fish, beef, rabbit, and turkey. Because of the variety, meals are easy to put together and the dogs love what they’re eating!

Below are some photos/menus of meals from the past week or so:


Chicken gizzard, boneless beef, egg, rabbit foot, partial chicken back, green tripe


Rabbit head, beef spleen, chicken gizzard, chicken thigh, boneless beef


Beef liver, chicken thigh, chicken heart, boneless beef, mackerel


Green tripe, beef liver, chicken heart, chicken breast, boneless beef


Turkey leg, turkey heart, chicken back


8 thoughts on “Raw Meals

    • I understand! The rabbit heads creeped me out a bit, wasn’t expecting eyeballs and teeth. Fortunately that’s something they won’t be having very often lol They sure are doing well on raw though, I’m so impressed!

    • Agreed – I’m always so intrigued by raw diets. I’ve not done much research of my own, but see dogs like yours thrive on it interests me. I’m just not sure I’m willing to see a rabbit head in my dogs’ bowls!!

  1. It all looks great! I definitely couldn’t do any part of the rabbit though. That foot brought back memories of when lucky rabbits feet were all the rage.

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