Latest Meat Order

This was my first order with Reel Raw. Their products are more expensive than Big Dan’s but all of their meat is pasture raised, grass fed, free range, etc depending on the animal in question. And all meat and bones are 100% USDA inspected and approved and fit for human consumption; again a big difference from many of the other companies. Excellent customer service when there was a question about one of the items I wanted, and the box arrived exactly a week after I placed the order, very well packaged and everything frozen solid.

Shipping costs are always an issue with meat orders. Real Raw offers free shipping when product is ordered in 50 lb increments. My main reason for this order was to get pork for the dogs and I couldn’t touch their prices at the local grocery stores or Asian markets. I ended up getting a pork complete ground mix (80% meat/muscle, 10% bone, 10% organ), pork feet, pork hocks, pork liver, and turkey necks. The next time I order I will just get the ground mix and liver.

So the freezer is definitely now full and the dogs will be starting their fifth protein some time next week.

Mar-13-2014-(15) Mar-13-2014-(17)


6 thoughts on “Latest Meat Order

    • Definitely high quality products but I wouldn’t buy chicken or beef from them. Very glad I tried them out though and as long as their prices stay the same I’ll be doing another order for pork at some point.

  1. I am SO excited about this post. I have been stalking Reel Raw’s website for months! I think this is going to be a Christmas present to me and my doggy =D

    Also, have you tried Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow?

    They look a little cheaper but I don’t know their shipping prices. They also have quite a selection of meats, some a little more exotic than offered on Reel Raw.

    Did you do the 50lbs? Do you mind if I ask how much was the 50lbs of meat you ordered?

    • I’ve ordered from RR a few times, I always do 50 lb increments for free shipping. Honestly can’t remember how much I paid for the last shipment, sorry. I shop online for things that I can’t get in the grocery store or the Asian markets.

      I haven’t ordered from Hare Today, no particular reason. I do like My Pet Carnivore though.

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