More Meals


Boneless beef, turkey wing, green tripe, mackerel


Boneless pork, pork liver, ground pork (with bone & organs), chicken leg, boneless beef, turkey heart


Boneless pork, sardine, chicken foot, turkey breast, boneless beef, pork liver, turkey heart





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4 thoughts on “More Meals

  1. Michelle

    I once gave my girls raw turkey wings. My Ginger did fine with it, but my Pepper insisted she was swallowing it whole so I had to pull it out of her throat and hold it while she chewed it. Did all your dogs naturally know what to do with the raw?

    • Three of them are nice, slow chewers; I have no worries with them. Cricket is a picky eater and I had trouble getting her just to start with chicken! Doodle tends to be a gulper so I watch her carefully. She seems to have a sense of just how much can go down her own throat without it being a problem.

  2. I am horribly jealous. My dog is super weird about bones so I have to given it already ground in!
    He is also very sensitive to organs so I have be careful how much I feed or I get explosive diarrhea from him @_@.

    You have such colorful plates!

    • How long has your dog been on raw? A few of mine had some issues when we started organs but fortunately we’ve gotten past that. Bones have never been a problem.

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