News About Mr B

Almost two weeks ago we noticed that Mr B’s head/face looked liked it was collapsing on his right side. Touching it caused no pain. Because of that I kind of put it in the back of my mind to see a vet if/when it changed more or he showed discomfort.

Yesterday it looked to me like it was getting worse, although he still didn’t react to the area being touched. He’d also been shaky on his legs even after being awake for a while, and would occasionally shake his head oddly, like he was confused or something is irritating him.


Today I got home from the store he was having significant trouble walking. He also couldn’t sit so off to the emergency vet. Turns out that he has very significant muscle loss of both his temporal and jaw muscles. His right pupil is enlarged and less responsive to light. He recently started randomly drooling, something he never did before. The vet thinks it’s most likely a brain tumor. He’s on Tramadol for pain and we see a neurologist on Tuesday.

Mar 22 2014 vet

This has been happening entirely too fast and I’m not handling it well at all. Please keep Mr B in your thoughts.



17 thoughts on “News About Mr B

  1. prayers to you and Mr. B. 😦 he’s so lucky to have such an awesome mom! good luck Mr. B! Hopefully you are feeling no pain.

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