New Vet

Mr B saw the holistic vet for the first time yesterday after a very rough Sunday night. She’s an advocate of raw feeding and fully supports our decision not to go with surgery, chemo, or radiation.

He had an acupuncture treatment, an ozone injection, an adjustment to his spine, and his anal glands expressed (poor old guy!). He was wuiet for the rest of the day & evening and he slept well. I wasn’t expecting any changes really so big surprise when he got out of bed before us, trotted (!!!) into the kitchen…saw him kind of running in the yard and then he was trying to jump in the house for treats! I know it’s only one day and none of these things are a cure but it was great to see him so happy and bouncy again!

At home he’s on a twice daily combo of neoplasene, wei qi booster, CAS Options, raw goat’s milk plus whatever mixer to make it a somewhat tasty treat. For the most part these are natural alternatives to chemo. After the first round today we was a bit sick, just fine after the second.

He’s such a good dog and so patient; I’m glad I’m finally able to do something positive for his treatment.



8 thoughts on “New Vet

  1. Aw, he looks so sweet. I think in some photos he looks a little like my Argus. Happy, easy going, mellow guy. Sending him big hugs and best wishes.

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