Is This Week Done Yet?

So I finally get somewhat caught up on the blog and then up with having a very unusual week with the dogs….

I haven’t updated about Mr B but basically with think the cancer has spread to the other side of his head. He has a few external tumors that have also grown larger. He’s sleeping probably 22 hours a day but still has a great appetite and doesn’t appear to be in pain. When he’s uncomfortable he tries to rub his head, against a pillow, a person, or with his paw. As always, please feel free to like and share Mr B’s Facebook page 🙂

Spe 2014 B head

Cricket is truly addicted to balls, we call them ‘spherical objects’ when she’s around to avoid her excitement! We have a few Jolly Pets Teaser Balls in the yard and my oldest son took her out early Tuesday evening to play fetch. I went out with the camera and when she brought the ball to me I noticed blood. Took her in the house and found she had what looked like a significant tear to one of her carpal pads. I cleaned it as best as I could, wrapped it, and we took her to the emergency vet where she ended up with five stitches. Girl is so silly that first time out after she went right back for the ball; even managed to pick up with with the cone of shame!

Sep 16 Tick paw

Home from the vet, doesn't seem too upset!

Home from the vet, doesn’t seem too upset!

Sep 17 2014 Cricket 2

Sep 17 2014 Cricket ball

Finally, earlier this evening Doodle and Teddy were on my bed, watching things out the windows. I was at my computer and heard an odd crunching noise that didn’t sound like a bone or dog toy. Teddy is a notorious chewer (laptop case, several shoes,  a Wii remote, etc, etc) but when I walked in the room I found that Doodle had eaten most of a nightlight bulb! Panic again…posted on my Facebook page, in one of my very experienced dog groups, and called the emergency vet. Since there was no bleeding from her mouth and she has been acting normally we’re giving her bread to basically help the transition of the glass. And if her behavior changes or she shows any signs of pain we’re back to the vet….

Sep 19 2014 bulb


Sep 19 2014 Doodle

Guilty and sleepy

Needless to say I’m hoping next week will be less dog eventful!


8 thoughts on “Is This Week Done Yet?

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  2. Oh, dear. What a week. Your babies are like dachshunds — incredibly overzealous! Give Mr B a kiss on his head for me. Hope there’s more serenity in the immediate future, along with Spherical Objects, LOL

    • This week is starting out much better! Took the cone off of Cricket and she’s not bothering the stitches; those will come out at the end of the week. And Doodle is definitely back to her silly, energetic self!

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  4. Kaya cuts her carpal pads also when she plays fetch! I now wrap her ankles with vet-wrap whenever she plays fetch except at the beach since it is soft. It works perfect:) She once tore one of her carpal pads almost all the way off. I probably should have taken her to the vet, but it healed surprisingly well.

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