Mr B’s 11th Birthday

Quick note: our new goal is for Mr B’s Facebook page to have 1200 likes before his 12th birthday….please like and share his page so we can reach this goal!

Nov 10 2014 B hat

Nov 10 2014 B plate

Nov 10 2014 B and Andy

Nov 10 2014 B jumping

Nov 14 2014 B eating

Nov 10 2014 B nap

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9 thoughts on “Mr B’s 11th Birthday

  1. Looks like he had a great birthday. Happy Birthday Mr. B ❤

  2. Happy birthday Mr.B!

  3. Happppy Birthday, handsome!!! Mr. B and I have the same birthday (11/10?)! I’m so honored!!!

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  5. Happy Birthday Mr.B! Hope it was full of treats!

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