Mr B’s New Look

A year ago Mr B started having what I call old dog bladder issues; he was having occasional leakage. We were lucky enough to be able to control it with over the counter supplements. He’s been on the max dosage of those supplements for a few months, and just after his birthday the leakage reached the point where it was almost continual. So Mr B has now joined many other elderbulls and senior dogs and is now wearing a belly band. I had actually tried a doggy diaper first but he seemed very uncomfortable with it, plus he looks more stylish in the bands 😉

Nov 20 2014 B Nov 18 2014 belly band


2 thoughts on “Mr B’s New Look

    • The ones I currently have are cotton lined with flannel. That’s fine for small leaks if I’m planning to do laundry that day. Otherwise I use a Poise pad; found a large pack at a decent price on Amazon.

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