Current Stock

Sparkling gouramis (T. pumila)
Celestial pearl danios (D. margaritatus)
Cherry barbs (P. titteya)
Dwarf amber barbs (B. gracilis)
Pygmy rasboras (B. maculatus)
Phoenix rasboras (B. merah)
Green rasboras (M. kubotai)
Forktail blue eye (P. furcatus)
Spotted blue eye (P. gertrudae)
Endlers (P. wingei)
Clown killies (E. annulatus)
Gardneri killies (F. gardneri)
Peacock gudegeons (T. ocellicauda)
Scarlet badis (D. dario)
Kuhlis (P. myersi)
Pygmy cories (C. pygmaeus)
Habrosus cories (C. habrosus)
Otos (O. vittatus)

Neocaridina shrimp: cherry, red rili, yellow, orange/pumpkin, blue rili, carbon rili, blue dream

And a betta named Pi Betta Psycho 🙂

Edit: added a stock list page that will be kept updated as any changes or additions are made

Mar 14 2015 Pi 2


5 thoughts on “Current Stock

    • The only actual tank show I have on the blog is in this post. I never really consider my tanks finished but definitely plans to do future posts about each with photos.

      I started a separate stock list page that is updated as changes are made.

      Thanks for the comment, glad you found my blog 🙂

      • Yes I understand, my tanks are also constantly changing but it would be nice to see some updates. I always find update post even more interesting than the finished thing (not that this is possible with planted tanks!). It’s nice and interesting to see which problems you had, the choices you made etc..

        one can always learn about others mistakes or tips 😉

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