Tanks on Tuesday

The 16g community: over a couple of weeks I went from 4 to 1 habrosus, no idea why. All the other fish are fine, water params are great. Of course at this point the pygmaeus decided to act like a snobbish high school clique and treat the hab like an outcast. Felt sorry for it so I moved it to the betta tank…he lives peacefully with green rasboras and shrimp so that should be ok, right? Well, noooo, there’s a reason he’s called Pi Betta Psycho…just would not leave that poor cory alone. So back to the big tank; will be getting 3 friends for it from Rachel at msjinkzd (highly recommended for nano fish btw and a nice person to work with).

Lots of algae in the Endlers tank. This doesn’t come as a surprise due to its location facing two windows. The big nerite can’t handle all of it so I’m going to add some otos. Really hesitated going this route since they’re so darn delicate…I considered taking one from the 16g but didn’t even want to chance that. General consensus on the forum is a 50% mortality rate with newly purchased otos, regardless of source. Had no losses from the last batch I acquired so I’ll be adding three to this tank. Oh Adrian’s Endlers should be here tomorrow….really excited about that because I’ve been trying to get some fish from him for years! Will try to get pics before they actually go in the tank.

Resting oto

What else? The Spec 5/badis project is on hold…waiting for the Eco Complete to arrive plus I need to make some decisions about aquascaping. The current badis tank is on my desk and I love watching these fish: they are literally monster cichlid personalities in a tiny .5″ fish!

Female and male badis

I rehomed the A. australe pair that was in the Project Tank. I did a lot of research on those fish, the only warning was that males kept together might possibly be aggressive towards one another. I was getting a M/F pair so no problems…wrong! The female was just plain nasty…harassed the shrimp (didn’t eat them though), harassed the male to the point where he was showing poor color and hiding most of the time. The last straw was when I added a trio of dwarf amber barbs to the tank and she immediately turned one into a snack. So many people warned me about male gardneris being trouble makers yet mine lives peacefully with a good-sized school of micro rasboras…not my australe though. So they are in a new home and I’ll be adding more of the barbs to the tank.

Dwarf amber barb….tiny, tiny fish

Scuds for the planted bowl project should be here tomorrow as well…looks like I’m going to be busy the next few days!


2 thoughts on “Tanks on Tuesday

    • I just discovered them recently, my two favorite online fish sources both have them! The survivor is quite active, will be great to see them in a larger group.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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