The scuds (Hyalella azteca) arrived today, far more than the 50 I paid for. The bag was a bunch of crazy activity by tiny creatures.

Mar 25 2015 bag of scuds

So then to figure out what to do with them since I have a few projects going on and all the supplies haven’t arrived. I had ordered this jar to set up something for my daughter at college; instead of letting it sit it went into use. Threw in a few scoops of Eco Complete, added conditioned water, and checked the temp. Grabbed a handful of plants (that situation is getting out of control, I’ll save that for another post) and put in 4 or 5 1ml droppers of scuds.

Mar 25 2015 scuds jar

They are actually a live food that’s easy to care for (I was getting dangerously close to the point of they’re too cute to use as food!). I gave them less than half of a mini algae wafer and they immediately started covering it; going to try zucchini tomorrow.

Mar 25 2015 scuds on wafer

I did actually try some out with the fish…the betta was confused at first but figured out what he was supposed to do after chasing them around. The scarlet badis took care of them right away though!

The plan now is to get the scuds set up in a few containers and hopefully they’ll start to breed. I’d like that to happen before I use them regularly as food.


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