Breeding Tank

Do a Google image search for ‘aquarium breeding tank’ or similar and you’ll see some rather empty-looking tanks. The reasoning is function. When I got back into the hobby I knew I wanted to try Endlers again; I also didn’t want the setup to be a typical breeder.

So this is my 10g: small grain gravel substrate, a couple moss-covered caves, planted jungle vals and dwarf sag, floating dwarf water lettuce. Lighting is the kit flourescent although the tank gets a good amount of afternoon sun. I dose weekly with Comp, Excel, and Flourish. Stock is a large Endlers colony, kuhli loaches, a trio of otos, an olive nerite snail, MTS, and orange sakura shrimp.

Mar 29 2015 endlers

A few of my males:

Mar 06 2015 young male Feb 13 2015 Endler Jan 22 2015 male Jan 29 2015 male


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