From the Weekend

Friday: woke up very happy to see all three new otos survived the night! Discovered some RCS shrimplets in the project tank, really surprised at how quickly that happened. I still have some scuds in a bowl on the kitchen counter…used my handy 100ml syringe to carefully pull out some water, replaced with tank water. Gave them a shaving of zucchini and it was covered within minutes! Soaked a 1.5″ piece of cholla all evening for one of the bowl projects; for whatever reason I don’t think that one will ever sink. Pulled some vals from the 16g for the Endlers tank. Going to just stick with those, dwarf sag, and dwarf water lettuce…I like the simple look of it. That left room open in the 16g to regroup plants so it’s not looking like a haphazard, randomly thrown together mess. And finally put some EC in the Spec 5!

Saturday: after a lot of searching I finally found someone willing to sell a female gardneri. Hoping a second female in the tank might encourage some spawning. The least killifish (H. formosa) arrived…they are wow, crazy tiny fish. And a reminder that I really need to get glasses… Did a bunch of work in the 5g including removal of the moss mats. In theory they’re a great idea but in this setup they weren’t getting enough light or water flow. I added some dwarf sag and small bits of moneywort so I think it looks more balanced. There are only red rili in the tank now. I might use it to grow out Endler fry or gardneri if they’d get their act together <rolleyes> Or I could move the badis colony in there and use the Spec 5 for something else.

Female and male least killifish

Sunday: I recently joined a couple local FB aquarium groups and ended up making my first plant sale: $5, yay me 😉 Moved the Endlers fry to the 5g, that was quite a project since there were far more than I realized. Messed around some more with the floating plants as well as the rooted plants in the 16g. And then back to the Spec 5…after a lot of research I’ve ruled out seiryu rock. As much as I like it I’m really concerned about any potential issues with pH. Browsed eBay and got a few ideas then actually did something with the tank…got it filled and started the filter! I wasn’t planning on getting a heater so I’m going to monitor water temp for a few days. Will probably put in a few of my CPDs tomorrow.

Doodle thinks I should be spending more time with her!


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