Changes in the 16g

As much as I liked the community look I decided to makes some changes to stock in the 16g. The first step was to get the CPDs into another tank for a potential buyer. Not as difficult as removing the Endlers fry but still time consuming since they had apparently spawned without me knowing! There were close to 30; I had originally purchased less than half that number. Next I wanted to take out the sparkling gouramis and cherry barb trio, the latter proving to be increidbly fast and difficult to net. The fish were getting stressed so I gave up and asked the spouse to help. 30 minutes later and he had all three. In the process of all that the tank got trashed-at least 50% of the plants are uprooted-so I ended up doing a big WC. Put the two new mystery snails in a few hours later. It’s nice to actually see what’s in the tank now and to think about what I want to do in terms on aquascaping.

So now tank focus will be mainly blue: furcatas and peacocks. There is also a trio of otos, small group of pygmaeus and habrosus cories, Kevin the nerite, two mystery snails, and a dozen or so blue shrimp. I’m going to be working with plants I already have. I ordered some rocks from eBay…I think there are 16 total that I’d like to use both in this tank and the Spec so that should give me something to work with. I’m also hoping to find a large piece of manzanita wood break up for various tanks.

A few photos from yesterday:

peacock gudgeon


Sally the mystery snail


David and oto friend


Food wafer feeding frenzy



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