Impulse Purchase

A few weeks ago I found myself at Petco with my oldest daughter, the day before going out of town for a long weekend. Not long after we were walking out of the store with a female betta! Probably not the greatest idea but I knew I had an empty 2.5g at home as well as an established sponge filter.

Came home and dropped a bag of white sand in the tank, added the filter, some rocks, plants and a red cherry shrimp from the jungle tank:

Aug 27 2015 shrimp and jade Aug 27 2015 jade Aug 27 2015 new tank

The betta has since been moved to the 16g in the living room. The plan now for this tank is to remove the rocks and add either a single or trio of Turkish hazel. I’ve always used cholla wood in my shrimps tanks so this will be a new experience. I plan to hide the sponge filter with dwarf sag, tuck some sort of moss around the wood, and most likely add pennywort as a floating plant. After that gets established I’ll start adding shrimp. I’ve been getting some higher grade cherries in the jungle tank-I’d say fire red low-so I’ll pull some of those plus order some equal or higher grade shrimp to add to the colony. This will be my first shrimp-only tank!


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