Work on the 10g Endlers

There have been a few minor issues in the Endlers tank that I finally took care of recently. The water surface was covered in duckweed and dwarf water lettuce, it was growing so quickly I’d remove huge sections of it weekly only to have it grow back. But that I could deal with. The bigger issue was the filter output pushing the plants down into the water where they were then sucked around the filter intake guard. Just a big mess that was causing the filter to run slower.

I ordered a custom made 10″ plant guard from Han Aquatics since I wasn’t ambitious enought to DIY. It’s basically stainless steel mesh with two suction cups; plants or moss can be attached or just used as is:

Sep 16 2015 plant guard

Sep 16 2015 guard in tank

A bit of a hassle herding all the plants into one area but definitely worth the effort!

Today I did more work in the tank. Big water change, added ferts, trimmed some plants, moved some others. I also moved the plant guard to the side of the tank. When I originally got it I basically stuck it in the tank sectioning off about a quarter. Worked fine but the black suction cup on the front glass was driving me crazy every time I looked at the tank. I also decided to add a breeding/fry net. I’ve had the Endlers for quite a while but the colony doesn’t seem to be growing much. It’s just the Endlers, otos, and kuhliis. They aren’t know to eat their own fry so I have no idea what’s going on. Anyhow, there are now 6 fry in the net along with the last bits of water sprite from the jungle tank.

Quick before shot:

And after:

Sep 23 2015 endlers after


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