Another Loss

Nandy, aka Crabby Old Lady, Granny, Nommy, Moose Moose

2007 – August 30, 2016


No other words right now, still too soon…



10 thoughts on “Another Loss

  1. We have three dogs, two of them are now older (12 and 10) and I am getting more fearful by the day. I know there is not much time left but then I have to remind myself not to think about it and just enjoy the days, months and years we will have.

    I am sorry for the loss of your 4-legged family member.

    • Thank you! Senior dogs are wonderful…after losing Mr B last year I’ve made an effort to appreciate every day with them, make the time even when I’m busy. Nandy was almost 9, had 8 very good years with us that I will always treasure ❤

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