Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws Pet Food contacted me after a tweet about possibly doing reviews of some of their products. Their website is very user friendly; I like the fact that there’s a filter for ‘chews by hardness’, and that food, treats, and chews can be filtered by protein source. Quite a few special diets can be accommodated as well. 

After a few emails I decided to try a frozen food and a treat or chew. For the former I wanted to go with a protein the dogs had never had before so I decided on duck for that. The dogs will also be trying the smoked oxtails which Raw Paws lists as a 4 on their chew hardness scale.

 The box arrived by Fed Ex and was both well insulated and well packaged. An information sheet about storing, thawing, and serving of their products was included. 

Unfortunately the package arrived just before Nandy got sick. A week later and I’m still finding it difficult to get motivated so the reviews are on hold temporarily.


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