Teddy’s Thursday

Even with all the supplements he’s given Teddy’s awkward walking issues act up every now and then. It started again yesterday and continued today; it got to the point where couldn’t get on the couch by himself and fell trying to get onto the back porch. He just couldn’t get comfortable so I ended up giving him a Tramadol. At least he settled down and napped after that.



8 thoughts on “Teddy’s Thursday

  1. Poor sweet boy. My boxer/pit mix has the same issues. We celebrate the good days and try to get through the bad ones as easily as possible. I especially love the close-up snoozing pic with his tongue and his crooked teeth!

    • What exactly does he have? We’ve never actually had Teddy’s issue looked at by a vet, always thought it was a Teddy thing, but since it seems to be getting worse it’s definitely time.

      Those type of pics always make me laugh, he’s the only one of the three dogs that will sleep like that 😀

      • He has osteoarthritis and takes Rimadyl and Cosequin twice a day, along with Prilosec to protect his tummy. He was also recently diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Disorder, aka doggie dementia. He’s a rescue of indeterminate age and we think he had a pretty rough life before making it into rescue. He has no front teeth, top or bottom and is fearful of anything unfamiliar, but I love him to pieces!

  2. Awwww 😦 Poor pup! Storm’s leg was bothering her as well. It was retaining a lot of fluid and vet’s not sure what was wrong. We are guessing infection because it was the same leg she tore her ACL & had surgery. Hate seeing puppies in pain. 😦

    • It’s just so awful when you can’t help them 😦

      The spouse is out of town so I made an appointment for Tuesday. If he gets much worse though we may be at the emergency vet this weekend.

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