Update on Teddy

I posted last week about Teddy’s walking issues, by late Thursday evening he was putting no weight on his left hind leg and was obviously in pain. He saw the vet Friday afternoon who basically said Ted had ‘blown out’ his knee and surgery was scheduled for today.

We dropped him off this morning, surgeries are done early in the afternoon and he was going to be the second. I didn’t realize the vet made his call at the end of the day so after a lot of stress and worrying I finally got the call just after 6pm. Did my best to take notes so the following is what I deciphered from those:

  • Surgery went well (I forgot to ask how long it was)
  • He had a lot of arthritis, most likely in his other joints as well which explains the all around wobbly walk. Has probably been in pain for a long time, the ACL tear just pushed the situation over the edge. So not necessarily concerned about ACL in the other knee (high recurrence rate with this in dogs) but potential arthritis problems in other joints (knee, elbows, hips)
  • The arthritis and proliferation of cartilage (?) were pushing the kneecap out of place. Arthritis removed, cut the groove deeper in the kneecap to hopefully help keep it more secure.
  • Removed more junk (?)
  • Meniscus was fine
  • ACL repaired using artificial lateral suture stabilization
  • Teddy very happy (read: sleeping) on morphine, they did a laser treatment and he didn’t even wake up. Two more treatments before he goes home then 10 in the following weeks.
  • Will have breakfast in the AM
  • Two nights in the hospital and if there are no problems he can come home Thursday after 10am, which means we’ll pick him up early evening
  • Other than the laser treatments the important thing now is to keep him quiet and weight off that leg so it can heal properly

This is my first time dealing with a canine surgery/procedure other than neutering so please forgive my veterinary ignorance  😉

Typical sit the past few days, shows how he was shifting weight over to his good leg

Comfy Ted last night

Ted with his dad this morning


6 thoughts on “Update on Teddy

  1. Poor Teddy! The surgery will help. My summarized advice, 2 years post-op for my Olga’s ACL, is to be very, very vigilant about T’s jumping on furniture, and to do the PT diligently. I think the laser treatments sound interesting and helpful; I’d like to learn more about those. Feel free to message me about any questions related to my own pup’s experience. Good luck and heal well, Teddy!

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